Therapy in English

Feel troubled?

Talking to someone can help you see your life more clearly and find new ways to look at what’s bothering you. Talking to a professionally trained therapist and psychologist can help you gain new perspectives and new ways of coping. No matter if it is relationship problems, trouble with loneliness, unemployment, life stress, anxiety or depression.

In our first session we will discuss the problems you currently face. Counseling and coaching is always a matter of personal chemistry so the first session is an opportunity for us both to feel if it is a good match.Together we will decide on how our collaboration should look like, what matters are most pressing and approximately how many sessions you need. Most clients need about 5-10 sessions to make progress.

In each session we look at what is the most pressing issue for you right now. You will also have the opportunity to give feedback on each session and how you perceive me as a therapist. Quite often I give home assignments for you to work on. These assignments serve to keep the work we do together alive between the sessions, in order to ensure maximum progress.

I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and have done additional training in gestalt therapy and compassion focused therapy. I’ve also started training in Schema therapy.

All sessions follow the ethical principles and secrecy of the Swedish and Danish Psychologist Association.


850 kr/50 min incl. VAT. 

(Discounts for students and unemployed)

Payments in with credit card or in cash. I apply a 24h cancellation policy. Cancellations of sessions after 24h before scheduled appointment will be charged full price.