In therapy we explore new ways of approaching your inner self and the world around you. The way I see therapy is that you are the expert on you, I can contribute with perspectives on human behaviour and help you see things from a different perspective. The therapeutic process is a joint discovery and sometimes even detective work. Together we try to find out how things have turned out the way they have for you and what is needed for you to make the most out of life.


First session

The first session is for both of us to get to know each other. Good therapy is about finding someone you are comfortable to work with. In our first meeting we establish a common understanding of what you want help with. Together we discuss how the collaboration should look like and what the process will be.



For me psychotherapy is learning to navigate your inner landscape. I am happy to join that journey but you are the captain and the expert on you. I am good at navigation and know some about our inner selves. Together we explore how you can find your way.

In every session I ask what is most helpful or important to you that we focus on. At the end of the sessions we evaluate if the session has been helpful.

Sometimes I give homework as a way of keeping the process going between sessions.



Finding the right therapist

Finding your way in the jungle of different therapists can be hard, especially if you are new to a country. In Sweden there are three different categories of people working with therapy depending on their education. Psychologists ("leg. psykolog") have min.  5 years of university training and 1-2 years of clinical training under supervision. Psychotherapists (called "leg. psykoterapeut") have min. 3 years of training in psychotherapy but to enter the training you need min. bachelors. Both Psychologists and psychotherapist are regulated occupations and have to follow certain ethical and legal principles of the occupation.

Mental health workers (called samtalsterapeut) also do therapy but are not allowed to call it psychotherapy. Their work is however not covered by any supervising board or insurance.


ONLINE Therapy

Finding time and space for therapy can sometimes be hard. For some online therapy is a good alterntative that frees you from being in the same location.

I have experience in online therapy both from individual and group sessions as well as receiving supervision sessions myself online. I find it an interesting and exciting tool and I am happy to explore it in greater depths with you.

Online therapy is very similar to a regular therapy session. We meet online instead of meeting in my office which allows for you to connect from anywhere where you can get an internet connection and where you can speak privately. Sometimes I share a video or illustrate certain concepts I would normally share on my whiteboard in my office had we been there. In online therapy I recommend working with reading or a workbook to keep the process more alive.

Computer requirements

I use either Zoom or an encrypted websolution for my sessions called Kaddio Video. It works without plugins on Safari 11, Chrome, Opera & Firefox.

A good internet connection and an undisturbed environment facilitates a sucessful session.



Sometimes we get stuck in certain patterns in a relationship. Couples counseling aims to highlight what causes this and look at ways to move forward. Sometimes the reasons why we are stuck are because of lack of trust, frequent arguments, poor communication, problems sorting out conflicts that arises, problems reconnecting or establishing intimacy between the two of you.

In a couples counseling session we look at the problems at hand and then try to map out certain patterns that you end up in. We then work with how to change these patterns. This typically involves facing certain emotions and working on reestablishing a safe and loving environment as well as working on improving communication between the parties.


I'm trained in emotionfocused couples counselling, an evidencebased therapeutical approach. My approach is founded in evolutionary psychology. I'm also inspired by the work from the Gottman Institute and Esther Perel.



I run groups in English. Group therapy can be beneficial for those who have problems interacting with others or who suffer from any kind of social trauma. The focus of the group will be to improve the participants ability for Compassion for themselves and others.


Furthermore group therapy can be a cheaper solution for you should you not be able to afford individual sessions.


The group will consist of max. 6 participants and will run for 8 sessions at the time.


Price: 550SEK/session